Now The Lab is Shimano Steps Premium Service


Only 200 throughout Italy! This is the number of stores that have received the prestigious recognition of Shimano Steps Premium Service, certification that allows The Lab Bike Wellness of Riva del Garda to have direct access to the Shimano Steps world, especially as regards the management of guarantees and repairs .

What does Shimano Steps Premium Service mean?

Let’s analyze the current scenario:
In today’s state, warranty claims are sent via e-mail, whose reply takes between 24 and 48 hours. Packing and battery shipment, other 24-48 hours. Shipping to the dealer, test and (in case of warranty) following re-sending: another 10 days approximately. Do your calculations …
A Shimano Certified Premium Service store instead has the possibility to carry out the test directly on site, with consequent immediate warranty request. The battery will be shipped the next day. Total time: maximum 2 days!
This translates into better end-user service, less “bureaucracy” and more time to ride!

Shimano Steps. What is it?

Shimano Steps is the new Shimano system for e-bikes, which includes engines, batteries and cycle computer. The high-end components of Shimano Steps are used by over 160 bicycle brands worldwide.
The high reliability and versatility make Shimano Steps one of the systems preferred by bikers!

Last modified: 20/02/2019

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